Hospital Care Info  - Fruits and vegetables in the diet

To see how many fruit and veg fit into a diet take a look at a food pyramid. The World Health Organisation (WHO) suggests we consume 400g (1 lb.) of fruit, veg and pulses a day. That is approximately five portions – lending it the '5-a-day' campaigns.

This volume may seem intimidating initially but it is simply attainable - remember tinned, dried, juice and frozen are included. The small thing which doesn't fit into it is potatoes (as these are included in the energy-giving cereals and potatoes group). Good food intake is great for your skin, especially with dry conditions. The below may help raise your fruit and vegetable intake:

 Have fresh or dried fruit at the start of the day - bananas and apples are simple to eat on the move

  • Always enjoy vegetables or salad with lunch and dinner
  • Enjoy fruit-based desserts (but not an excess of sugar, cream or pastry!)
  • Enjoy fruits and unsalted nuts rather than chocolate or crisps
  • Exchange a meat dish for a lentil or bean meal once or twice a week; vegetarians can use pulses as a replacement for meat as they are an effective source of protein
  • Always have a fruit bowl at home and do not stick to apples and oranges; enjoy seasonal fruits like British plums, cherries and blackberries or peaches and apricots in the summer

Remember you can enjoy as many fruit and veg as you like - they are guilt free, just don't fry them!

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